Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OKVEGAN?

OKVEGAN is an online destination to discover, explore, and save on vegan and plant-based lifestyle brands, products, and services.

Is membership free? YES!

Membership is FREE. 100% Free.

Membership is required by many of our partners. Membership also allows us to prove the size of our audience to our growing list of partners. The more members we have, the better the offers we can deliver. Membership helps us stay in touch with you through emails and updates.

How do I join OKVEGAN?

Joining OKVEGAN is quick and easy - and FREE!

Click on the Log in text on the upper right hand of the screen.

Enter your name, email, password, and zip code and click " Sign up."

Your Zip Code helps us solicit local or regional offers to improve our member experience.

Reminder: We never share your information with any third-parties.

What type of deals are available on OKVEGAN?

OKVEGAN wants to enrich the lives of people who mayhave a plant-based diet, adhere to plant-based lifestyle, or simply want to explore and discover vegan-friendly products and services.

Did you now that only 12% of people who purchase plant-based products are vegan?!

OKVEGAN provides our members with access to new and established brands, along with savings on nearly all products and services from our partners. Keep in mind, when a discount or special offer is not available, we feel it is important to introduce our partners to our members and build awareness.

Some of the deals we offer are percentage off, dollars off, free shipping, Buy One Get One Free, discounted or free sample packs, and complimentary access, products, or services, along with other unique offers.

Our objective is to provide new offers on a weekly basis. We welcome your help in recommending new companies and deals that may be attractive to our members

Recommend a deal.

How does OKVEGAN make money?

OKVEGAN receives a small administrative fee or commission from the many of the participating partners. All fees support OKVEGAN's general and administrative costs and forward our mission to benefit animals, the planet, and health through the promotion of responsible products and brands.

Which non-profits benefit from OKVEGAN?

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How do you choose partners for OKVEGAN?

OKVEGAN's expects all partners, vendors, and suppliers, including their employees, agents, subcontractors, and affiliates to uphold ethical conduct and standards when conducting business with or on behalf of OKVEGAN.

OKVEGAN will not tolerate unethical and business practices. We mandate that all partners adhere to best practices for anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property, confidentiality and protection of information, data protection and privacy, conflict of interest, antiboycott regulations, export controls, econonic sanctions, labor and human rights, including child labor, diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity, harassment, discrimination and abuse, health and safety, sexual harassment and misconduct, wage and benefits, work authorization, and environmental protection.

While we strongy encourage our partners to maintain a dairy-free or animal-free manufacturing environment, we ackowledge that some partner facilties are not strictly plant-based or vegan. All partner products often exceed federal, state, and looal advertising and labeling regulations and laws.

What do I do if I have an issue with an OKVEGAN partner?

We hope you do not have an issue with any of our partners. But, we also know that things happen.

We strongly encourage you to contact the OKVEGAN partner directly before you contact us. Often, due to privacy policies, we can not approach our partners on your behalf. Certainly, if an OKVEGAN partner is not responsive to your requests, we will do our best to help resolve the matter. Keep in mind, we can not offer credits, refunds, or a resolution on behalf of our partners.

Rest assured, OKVEGAN has reviewed each partner for participation onour website. We will always work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

How do I contact OKVEGAN with additional questions?

Our objective is to ensure complete transparency and provide for a pleasant and beneficial member experience. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

For customer inquiries: Email Us

For partner inquiries: Email Us

We will attempt to respond within four hours.

Are all brands, products, and services exclusively plant-based or vegan?

No. Of course, Our focus is to solicit and promote partners that exclusively or non-exclusively sell plant-based or vegan products to benefit our mission to benefit animals, health, and the planet. While we seek partners that adhere to our mission , some partners may also source, manufacture and sell products that are not plant-based or vegan.

Is there a deal or savings on everything? No.

While we typically promote brands that offer a discount or savings on products or services, our objective is to also introduce our members to exciting new brands, products, and services that complement our mission - and benefit your lifestyle.